17 July 2016

Wes Borland to star in Reality DIY show 'Sight Unseen'

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland will star in a reality TV show which focuses on his restoration of a house in Detroit, Michigan.

Borland and his fiancee Carre Callaway appear in Sight Unseen, which makes its debut on the DIY Network in North America tonight (Wednesday, July 13.)

Borland and Callaway – who work together in their band Queen Kwong – bought the house as a "fixer upper" and were followed by the DIY Network's cameras throughout the process.

Callaway tells Entertainment Weekly: "We already decided to move to Detroit. I guess the idea was we wanted to buy one of the houses in the historic neighbourhood, and we had no background really with taking on such a large renovation project.

"This show we thought would really help expedite the process so that we would learn a lot from it.

"We wanted to leave LA and we were considering a few different places, and we just felt that Detroit was the right choice. We don’t have any ties here and we didn’t know anybody here, but we were really intrigued by the city and everything that is going on with it now. It has exceeded our expectations."