Rarities & Demos

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The following is a comprehensive list of LB demos, rarities and unreleased songs that you can find on the internet.

Three Dollar Bill, Ya'll$ Era
Mental Aquaducts Demo CD (1995)
1. “Armpit”
2. “Blind”
3. “Phat Groove”
4. “Shove”
5. “Jane Says”

Three Dollar Bill, Ya’ll$ Demos (1996)
1. “Counterfeit”
2. “Pollution”
3. “Stuck”

“Stereotype Me” (1997) – hidden track on Three Dollar Bill, Ya’ll$

"Breaking My Back" (1997 demo) - played live in Toledo, OH 04/11/1997

Significant Other Era
Significant Demos in Hell (2001)
1. “Hell Of A Band”
2. “Show Me What You Got”
3. “Nookie”
4. “No Control”
5. “Just Like This”
6. “Re-Arranged”
7. “N 2 Gether Now”
8. “No Sex”
9. “Don’t Go Off Wandering” ft. Serj Tankian
10. “Break Stuff”
11. Instrumental (For Outro)
12. Interview – includes “Hot Dog” demo
13. “Counterfeit”
14. “Pollution”
15. “Stuck”

Unknown unreleased instrumental demo – Significant Other era (known as “Nataspin” online)

“Cambodia” – early “Show Me What You Got” demo (performed with “Trust?” Riff on Family Values tour 1998)

Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water Era
“Chocolate Starfish…” initial release bonus tracks (2000)
16. “Snake in your Face”
17. “Back o’da Bus”

“Chocolate Starfish…” US limited edition (2000)
16. “It’s Like That Ya’ll” ft. Run-DMC

“Chocolate Starfish…” Japanese limited edition (2000) includes “Crushed” (released (1999) as the End of Days soundtrack)

Results May Vary era
“Cowgirls from Hell” – unreleased track
“All That Easy” – hidden track
“Take it Home” – hidden track
“Press Your Luck”
“Crack Addict”
“Poison Ivy”
“When it Rains”
“Lean on Me”
“Until The End”
“Fool’s Game”
“How Do We Get Through This” (Demo)

“Results May Vary” EU Edition (2003)
17. “Shot”
18. “Just Drop Dead”

“Results May Vary” iTunes edition
17. “All That Easy”
18. “Take it Home”

“Results May Vary” Japanese edition (2012)
17. “Let it Go”
18. “Armpit”

The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) Era
“Rib” – unreleased instrumental track

Gold Cobra Era
“Douche Bag” – demo
“90 to 10” – “90.2.10” demo
“Killer” –  “Killer in You” demo
“Shark Attack” demo
“Autotunage” demo

Stampede of the Disco Elephants Era
"Ready 2 Go" (early demo)
“You Know” – rerecorded demo
Numerous riff samples available on Youtube
"Wasteoid" live demo at several 2019 shows - later released as "Out of Style" on Still Sucks (2021)
"Dad Vibes" debuted over PA at Lollapalooza Chicago 2021 - later released on Still Sucks (2021)