Name: William Frederick Durst
Born: 20th August 1970
From: Gastonia, North Carolina
Lives: Los Angeles, California
Role in band: Vocals, guitar
Occupation(s): Singer, musician, film maker/ director, actor, producer
Filmography: Zoolander (cameo), Pauly Shore is Dead (cameo), Revelations (Ogden), Sorry Haters (Evan Jealous), The Truth (Evan Jealous), Population 436 (Deputy Bobby Caine), House M.D. (Bartender), Play Dead (Ledge), The Education of Charlie banks (director), The Fanatic (director), The Longshots (director), EHarmony commercial (director), “Falling Away From Me” music video (cameo, director)
Favorite Limp Bizkit riffs: Hot Dog, The Truth, Counterfeit
Favorite ice cream: Banana, peanut butter, chocolate
Chips or mash: Mash

Name: Wesley Louden Borland
Born: 7th February, 1975
From: Jacksonville, Florida
Lives: Detroit, Michigan
Role in band: Guitar, bass, backing vocals
Occupation(s): Musician, singer, artist, sculptor
Filmography:  The Truth (Kevin), Oddities TV Show (himself), Sight Unseen TV Show (himself)
Other bands: Black Light Burns (lead vocalist, musician), Big Dumb Face (guitars, vocals), Queen Kwong (guitars), Marilyn Manson (touring guitarist), From First to Last (touring bass & backing vocals), Combichrist (touring guitar), X Japan (touring guitar)
Solo discography: Crystal Machete (2016)
Favorite film: The Holy Mountain
Favorite food: Korean barbeque
Favorite Limp Bizkit song to play live: My Generation

Name: Samuel Robert Rivers
Born: 2nd September 1977
From: Jacksonville, Florida
Lives: Los Angeles, California
Role in band: bass, backing vocals
Other bands: Sleepkillers (bass)
Influences: Black Sabbath, Megadeth
Worked with: Marilyn Manson, David Draiman

Name: John Everett Otto
Born: 22nd March 1977
From: Jacksonville Florida
Lives: Los Angeles, California
Role in band: drums, percussion
Influences: John Bonham, Lars Ulrich, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, Jack DeJohnette

DJ Lethal 
Name: Leor Dimant
Born: 18th December 1972
From: Riga, Latvia
Lives: Los Angeles, California
Role in band: Turntables, samples
Associated acts: House of Pain, La Coka Nostra, Lethal Wilson

Touring Members
DJ Franko
Name: Franko Carino
Role in band: turntables, samples, backing vocals
AKA: DJ Sk3l3tor

Samuel G. Umpungu
Name: Samuel G. Umpungu
From: Berlin
Role in band: Touring bass player

Former Members
Mike Smith 
Name: Mike Smith
Born: 11th October 1973
From: Middle River, Maryland
Role in band: Guitar
Associated acts: Snot, Evolver