2 November 2021

The "Still Sucks" Songs You Didn't Realise You Heard Before The Album Released

The band dropped some "new album" previews throughout the years on tour. We covered them all here on Bizkitfeed and some of these songs made it onto Still Sucks. A few have stayed much the same and others have been changed up completely. Check them out below.

Out Of Style

Out of Style first appeared under the title Wasteoid in 2019 as an instrumental piece. It sounds much the same but the final version has more added parts and lyrics.

Dirty Rotten Bizkit

This one was teased in 2016 on the Korn/ Limp Bizkit UK tour and was changed up completely since. Take a listen for yourself, the guitar riff is the only identifiable part.

Dad Vibes

First teased in its final form at Lollapalooza in 2021 a few days before releasing. Check it at around the 58 minute mark.

Turn it Up, Bitch

Final version first teased on tour in July 2021 over the PA.