14 June 2020

WWE Wrestler Undertaker talks Wrestlemania Entrance with Limp Bizkit

WWE wrestler Undertaker opens up about his entrance with Limp Bizkit at Wrestlemania 19 in 2003 when he used Rollin' as his theme, mentioning it his one of his favourites from his 30 year career.

"Rollin' and being on the bike all tied in together. Again, another high-energy song, a song that a lot of people recognized and identified with. A wrestling match, in my eyes, doesn’t start at the bell. It starts when the music plays. As soon as that music kicks in, your match has started. It sets the tone for the entire match. It was such a high-energy, fun song and still kind of bad ass and got people going, got them excited. The lyrics, obviously, weren’t quite the same, but the energy level was still where we wanted it to be. It was really cool in Seattle at WrestleMania when Limp Bizkit played me in. Came in, American flag off the back of my bike… one of my favorite entrances, actually."