5 April 2018

Top 5 Limp Bizkit Show Starters!

Limp Bizkit have a long list of hard hitting tunes, but some of them fit that number one slot on the set list that bit more than the rest. In no particular order, here's Bizkitfans' top 5 show starters - what are yours?

5. Hot Dog

One cannot resist the infamous Wes Borland riff on this Chocolate Starfish classic. This fan favorite is sure to get the entire crowd pumping! Wes leads the crowd into mayhem on this one with John breaking it down as the band follows - "Get the fuck up!"

4. My Generation

Another fan favorite, My Generation is a classic Limp Bizkit show starter and proves to be a good one with the crowd jumping from the get go. John Otto brings that beat back and everything goes wild.

3. Pollution

A classic Limp Bizkit tune - nothing like the Three Dollar Bill, Ya'll$ intro followed by Pollution to start a show. We love hearing that low-end riff and groove drop, and who doesn't like screaming POLLUTION!?

2. 9 Teen 90 Nine
Nothing gets your heartbeat going more than Wes twiddling that funky bottom string on the intro before the entire band explodes into awesomeness. This one perfectly mixes crazy breakdowns and calmer sing-a-long verses and the chance to take a breather!

1. Trust?
This super rarely performed tune is not only a rare one to see live, but especially as a show starter. However as the band proved in Dublin during the 2010 tour, it is one of the best! This video speaks for itself.