15 November 2017

"I wish Limp Bizkit were doing more"

Wes Borland chats with TEAM ROCK about Big Dumb Face, black metal and the key to Limp Bizkit’s success.

This is the first Big Dumb Face album for 16 years. Why bring it back now?
“I wanted to do something with that project again, but was going through a lot of years in my life where I didn’t feel that ‘funny’. I wanted to re-approach the project by doing it as a videogame. I actually started storyboarding a whole videogame and wrote the whole thing. My agent started reaching out to videogame companies and they hooked me up with a bunch of people who were all like, ‘We love this, it’s just an indie game, so you’re going to need an investor to spend a million dollars on this. You’ll never Kickstart that much and shouldn’t spend your own money on it.’ So I was like, ‘I’m not doing that then.’ So I thought about the main character from the first record, Duke Lion. I think about him from time to time: ‘What would he be doing now?’ And the answer is... he’s dead! Then the story of that came into my head and I thought I should tell it.”

The scene has changed a lot since Big Dumb Face were around. Have you been keeping up with metal over the years?
“No, I’m not interested at all. I like Gorgoroth and black metal, and I don’t think anyone has taken it in a place that I want to see it go beyond where Death and Carcass had it in the 90s. It’s just boring to me. Every time I hear a new metal band, I’m just like, ‘No, thanks.’ I try to do the opposite of whatever is going on in metal, because metal takes itself so fucking seriously and that’s just so dumb. Unless you’re Gaahl, don’t try. Or Watain – I like Watain a lot!”

Is that how you think Limp Bizkit’s stayed popular? By not being as hyper-serious as other bands?
“I don’t think the band’s popular now, ha ha! Is it? We haven’t been active enough for my tastes. I really wish we were doing more and I think we will be next year. There might be some stuff going on. I think the reason that we can still go out and play shows is the devaluing of music and that the whole entire music industry is in such misery and oversaturated. Everybody’s got a band now but nobody’s making any money off of it.”

Source: http://teamrock.com/feature/2017-11-15/wes-borland-i-wish-limp-bizkit-were-doing-more