9 October 2017

New Big Dumb Face Album!

Wes' side project Big Dumb Face is making a comeback this year with a new album titled "Where is Duke Lion? He's Dead..." due out this Halloween October 31st from Edison Sound.

Posting on his Instagram September 27th, Wes says "Mixing Big dumb Face 2. Dropping everywhere this coming Halloween. Without a doubt the heaviest record I've ever made. And it's really long."

01 – “He Rides The Skies”
02 – “Zargon Moth”
03 – “Call To Worship”
04 – “The Magick Guillotine”
05 – “The Blood Maiden”
06 – “Ballad Of The Duke”
07 – “The Goat Is Dead”
08 – “Where Did All The Good Guys Go?”
09 – “The Masters Of Chaos”
10 – “My Girl Daisy”
11 – “The Ancient Gods Awaken”
12 – “Whipping The Hodeus”