2 December 2016

5 Videos That Will Hype You For the Limp Bizkit/ Korn Tour!

The Korn & Limp Bizkit UK Tour is just around the corner and here's some videos to hype it up for you lucky fans going to see the show. The short 6 date run will last from December 12th in Manchester to December 19th in Nottingham. They'll visit Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Cardiff along the way.

The last time Korn & LB went on tour together was during the Family Values Tour in 1999. They also did a 1998 run the year prior, which included plenty of on-stage collabs. We're sure something unique is going to happen this time around, because these guys are well known for collaborating both on stage and in the studio in the past, not to mention they came up and made a name for themselves around the same time.

5. "All In The Family"
Although JD from Korn said he cant stand this song anymore, many fans would love to see it be played live. It's a back and forth collaboration between both bands and guarantees some fun and nostalgia for the old timers. Here it is live in 1998 when Korn & LB did the Family Values Tour.

4. Limp Bizkit tease "Blind"
Wouldn't put it far past the Bizkit to tease a Korn song this time around, perhaps even play a full section of the song.

3. "Nobody Like You"
This track from LB's Significant Other album featuring Jonathan Davis has never been played live and it would certainly make for a good live tune. Who knows, JD might take the stage to feature on this one during the LB set.

2. Korn play "Sabotage" with Slipknot
Although this has nothing to do with LB, it simply shows what they could be capable of putting on. Slipknot, Korn and Limp were all big names in the nu-metal era and all this collab is missing is the Limp.

1. "Wicked" Korn & Fred
Here's Fred joining Korn in 1997, this is one badass performance. The track Wicked is originally by Ice Cube, who Korn played the track with on the Family Values Tour in 1998 - Korn's unique rock/metal twist makes it perfect for both JD and Fred to go off.