2 August 2016

Wes Talks Crystal Machete with Total Guitar Magazine

Wes talks with Total Guitar Magazine about his latest album Crystal Machete, moving to Detroit and guitars.

On the album's sound compared to Limp Bizkit:
"There wasn't a Jackson in sight. I still use the EVH5150s with Bizkit, but this was a very different rig. I used one amp for the whole record - a 1960 Sears Silvertone." [cont]

On his guitar influences:
"Obviously I was influenced by guys like James Hetfield from Metallica, Max Cavalera from Sepultura and Page Hamilton who was in Helmet - they're the building blocks of heavy guitar playing. Then I was really into Primus and Les Claypool, which got me into tapping for a while." [cont]

Moving to detroit:
"Carré actually came up with Detroit while we were looking at places we could move to... because we could go anywhere. And it just seemed exciting." [cont]

Pick up Issue 283 to read the full interview: https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/music/total-guitar-magazine-back-issues/total-guitar-summer-2016-issue-283/